5 Satisfying Snacks Over 3,000 Calories

Nummies - Reductress

Do you eat three full meals a day, but sometimes need a little extra treat to get you through that three o’clock slump? Do you crave more than a handful of almonds or a few celery stalks? Look no further! Here are some snacks that contain over a full day’s recommended calories that are sure to leave you feeling plenty satisfied until your next meal.


Peanut Butter Dump

Empty the contents of one 15-ounce jar of peanut butter (chunky or creamy) into a bowl. Top with half cup of melted chocolate chips, followed by a half cup of unmelted chocolate chips. Garnish with 6 tbsp. of whipped cream. That’s just 3,102 calories that will tide you over ‘til dinner! Easy.


Bacon Cheese Pasta

Cook one whole box of pasta and just leave it in the pot, because you don’t have a bowl big enough to hold it, anyway. That’s 1,520 calories right there—but you’ll need more fuel to get you through that 4 PM conference call! Melt half a pound of Swiss cheese and pour on top of the pasta. Top with 15 slices of crumbled bacon and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan. Now you’re full of zest and pep to get you through the rest of the workday!



Oreo Smash

Take 50 Oreo cookies (no fewer—we’re counting calories here!), smash them up, pour them into a bowl, and fill with two cups of whole milk to put you over that 3,000-calorie mark. This tasty treat will help make that tough breakfast-to-lunch transition much smoother. Now you won’t be reaching for that second cup of coffee!


Southern Fried Delight

Can’t sleep without a little treat? Put one whole chicken in your deep fryer until crisp. Add four cups of mashed potatoes covered in a stick of butter. Makes the perfect midnight snack to help you lull you into a peaceful sleep.


Two Pounds of French Fries

Woke up to pee and can’t face the long trek back to bed without a some num nums? This delicious starchy vegetable is a great way to start the day—think of it as a pre-breakfast! Get up at dawn, eat two pounds of french fries, and go back to bed. Then wake up and have a hearty breakfast. The last thing you want is to start your day with low blood sugar!


Snacking between meals isn’t a bad thing—when you’re less ravenous at mealtimes, you’re less likely to overeat. So throw together a couple of these quick 3,000+ calorie snacks prevent yourself from crashing. You’re welcome!