Girls’ Night Ideas That Are Almost As Fun As Getting Laid

After a long week of answering to The Man, the last thing a working gal wants is a weekend full of the same old, same old. When quitting time rolls around on Friday, it’s time to unwind and spend some quality time with your squad. That’s right folks, it’s…GIRLS NIGHT! Even if having just-okay sex would be a million times better. Here are some girls night ideas that are almost but not quite as good as actually having sex.


Paint and Sip

Bring out your inner artist and get those creative juices flowing while sipping on a glass of vino (or three!) with your best gals. There’s no pressure to be an expert, so you can focus on trying to copy the Georgia O’Keefe print on the wall. If you’re lucky, there might be a live model with a huge dick that you definitely won’t get to have sex with! Crossies!




What could possibly be more fun than belting out your favorite jams without having to impress a guy? Nothing brings out your inner Diana Ross quite like a disco ball and encouragement from all your favorite independent women. Pair up with your BFF for a duet and some coordinated dance moves! If you’ve got a big group, turn it into a competition—winner gets her drink of choice and dibs on the cute waiter! Try not to think about how all of this is only marginally preferable to banging said hot waiter. This is almost fun!


Spontaneous Groupon

You get emails from daily deal sites all the time, but instead of the restaurant coupon, this weekend snap up an activity package, like sky diving or horseback riding. Grab a friend or two and go on a crazy adventure instead of settling for the local bar. It won’t even matter if the rock-climbing instructor isn’t hot; that strangling crotch harness will temporarily kill your sex drive, so you won’t even think about having sex for at least 24 hours!


Host A Sex Toy Party

Invite your closest pals over for a naughty shopping spree, right in the privacy of your own home! This, too, does not involve having sex. You thought you knew your friends before, but you may get to know a wilder side once the wine’s uncorked and the toys come out. Enjoy an evening of intimates, lingerie, and laughter, but don’t expect it to go too late, because everyone will be rushing home to try out their new swag! Plus—most companies even offer a special discount and free merchandise for the hostess. Not that you’ll have anyone to use them on because you canceled a Tinder date for this! Yay, ladies!


Throwback Slumber Party

In junior high, you would beg your parents to let you have the girls over for a night full of sleeping bags, junk food, and trashy magazines. Have your girls over for the grown-up version, which just means you’ll have wine. Painting each other’s nails and drinking Schnapps like it’s stolen will be such a blast, you’ll hardly mind that the night will not end in an orgasm. Don’t be the weird girl who humps the couch at a sleepover!



Whether you and your girls opt for a laidback night in or a wild romp across town, you can be sure that you’ll have an awesome time surrounded by supportive friends and sex-free fun.