Fun, Flirty Texts For Girls Without a Personality

Send these messages to your crush if you have a bland point of view and limited imagination:



This text is a great way to initiate conversation and let him know what gender you are. The wink shows that you’re playful. When you send him this text from across the room, make sure you stare at him, winking violently until he sees it—then you.


Show him you know who he is, kind of. Which one is he? Is he Jason, or is he Chris? I bet he’s Jason. So write that to him, and see how he responds! Be sure to add a wink, to show that you’re playful.


Get to know each other by sharing cool facts about yourself! Send him this message to show him your sense of humor, and that you like to laugh. Do you? It doesn’t matter. Add wink to show you are playful.



Haven’t got his attention yet? This one’s a surefire way to elicit a response. Follow up with a wink.



Oh, sorry. This is supposed to be in one text message with the last one. Add wink or else.


Get him to know you’re wild side—with a fun game. If you don’t add a wink, your dog might die!


Give him a compliment and something to sympathize with you about! Add a wink for Christ’s sake!


This gives your crush a feeling of urgency. He’ll be by your side in no time! Just make sure you keep your dog barely alive, otherwise he won’t believe you. Wink wink.