Healthy Snacks Perfect for Feeding the Ducks

Dieting can be hard, especially when you’re used to eating your favorite junk foods. Pizza, burgers, ice cream and more are officially off the table now—it’s time to begin eating healthy! So start taking back your life with these nutritious superfoods you can instead use to feed the ducks.



Hemp Milk

This unsweetened, organic milk is full of essential omega-3 fatty acids and a variety of minerals and vitamins. While it’s okay on its own, hemp milk reaches an entirely new level when soaked into the multigrain crust you just threw to those ducks. You’re welcome, ducks!


Sea Buckthorn               

This fruit is HUGE among the superfoodie community for its high levels of healthy fats and incredible beautifying qualities—why wouldn’t you share that goodness with nature’s little clowns? While the sea buckthorn is great for your healthy lifestyle, you can also incorporate it into your local waterfowl’s healthy diets by regularly chucking the fruit into your nearest duck pond.



Wheatgrass can come in the form of a tablet, powder, or a juice, and boasts a number of important health benefits. This nutrient-rich food will prove to be an amazing pick-me-up snack for the pack of ducks currently scrounging around for trash at the park! They’ll feel their tension headaches disappear almost instantly from their little ducky heads. Quack, quack!



Collected off the coast of Japan, this sea vegetable is known to go perfect with salads, soups, as well as the ground we all walk on. The ducks are going to go absolutely nuts for this imported delicacy. They love seaweed already, now give ‘em the good stuff!




Rich in vitamin C as well as potassium and cancer-fighting phytochemicals, kohlrabi is an absolutely essential health food. While an unfamiliar snack to many, kohlrabi is a surefire hit among winged creatures with no functioning taste buds.



Last but not least is the mangosteen fruit, a delicacy known for its xanthones compound that fights against cancer and inflammation. The mangosteen’s soft interior coupled with its thick outer layer will ensure it holds up after you drop it into a group of hungry little ducklings trying to cross the street with their mom.


These are just a few of the many wonderful superfoods available for feeding the ducks. The possibilities are endless! Yummy yummy, little duckies!