How to Make the Perfect Glass of Water

Perfect Glass of Water - Reductress

Water is one of the few drinks that never goes out of style. I have fond memories of drinking water with my grandmother, on days when we were both thirsty. At least in my culture, this refreshing libation is always on hand no matter what the occasion: birthdays, religious celebrations – even at the birth of all my kids I had ice chips (the frozen version of this recipe).


Palates of all levels of sophistication will enjoy water – I brought a pitcher to my family reunion dodgeball game and it was a huge hit! I’m telling you, as soon as players struck out the very first thing they did was head straight to my freshly prepared water.


The Recipe:


You’ll need:

64 ounces of water



64 ounces of water


Directions: Pour it in a cup, and serve chilled.


Be sure to make enough, as this drink is surprisingly addictive. Don’t worry if you have leftovers; stored in an airtight container this recipe keeps remarkably well. Or if you’re feeling crafty, a quick Google search will produce billions of ways to repurpose your water; I’ve been known to use mine for watering plants or washing things. (psssst, SPOILER ALERT! Water is also the base ingredient for tomorrow’s entry: the cup of tea.) Now get moving, because life’s short, and one day you’ll wake up and the person asleep beside you will seem like a total stranger!  ;)