How to Value Your Man Even Though He Is Not Terry Crews

These days, single women keep running into the same problem when dating: most men out there are not the hilarious and poignant actor, Terry Crews. This being the case, it can be hard to recognize even an iota of worth in most men because, again, they are likely not already-devoted husband and emotionally vulnerable angel Terry Crews. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of a few different ways to value men even though only one of the billions of them is Terry Crews.


Accept that the man you are dating is not Terry Crews.

This is the first step in the process of seeing the intrinsic value in a man who did not play dedicated and loving father Julius Rock in the acclaimed sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. Once you do this, you can begin to dramatically lower your expectations from thinking you deserve a strong hot man who knows how to talk about his feelings rationally to dating this dude you’re with who refuses to go to therapy.


Appreciate the man you are dating for who he is, which is himself and not Terry Crews.



Now that you’ve accepted that the man you are dating is not a brave advocate who recently testified in front of congress on behalf of himself and other sexual assault survivors, you can finally begin to kind of like him? Maybe look into one of his objectively lame interests like “skating” or “all board games” and try your best to care. Meanwhile, try to forget that Terry Crews is interested in amazing things like portraiture and dismantling the cult of masculinity.


Pretend he’s Terry Crews

If you fail to successfully complete the first two steps, say ‘to hell with it’ and delude yourself into thinking the man you are dating is the hilarious, kind and mature former NFL star himself. So close your eyes, take a deep breath and make your man go down on you because that’s what Terry Crews would do and this is a fantasy and no one can take this away from you.


Use these tips to torture yourself with this impossible task of being okay even though the guy you’re seeing is not the best man in the world: Terry Crews. And if you are married to Terry Crews because you are Rebecca King-Crews, we are jealous!