How to Help Your Boyfriend Live up to Your Childhood Bathtub Faucet

No matter how much he fumbles in the bedroom, it’s important to remember that your boyfriend really has the best intentions in pleasing you. And while he may never live up to the effectiveness of your childhood bathtub faucet, here are a few ways you can help him stand a chance.


Explain how pressure works.

Sometimes men need a little but of a tutorial on just how sensitive you are down there. Unlike your childhood bathtub faucet, which was always exactly the right pressure from start to finish. Too bad your parents sold that house. Anyways, try guiding your boyfriend’s hand so he understands how much force to exert.


Ask him to imagine his mouth is a faucet.

It might be kind of hard to explain but maybe if he envisions his mouth as a faucet he’ll understand the kind of steady yet gentle pressure you’re looking for.



Find a picture of a similar faucet online.

Maybe if he really sees it he’ll understand what you’re looking for. You know, the one with the attachment? You can move it closer or further away depending on what you need in the moment. That’s what he should be like.


Order the faucet online and have it installed in your bathroom.

If he’s still struggling, it might be best to order the faucet and have it installed in your home so that you can demonstrate for him. Then he can even use the faucet on you and get in on the fun. See! He’s learning. This is great for both of you.


Even when your partner is struggling in the bedroom, it’s important to remember that it’s rarely for lack of desire to please. Next time, use these tips to help him live up to the faucet of your youth.