How To Behave Yourself Instead of Smacking That All On The Floor

Being a bad girl can be fun, but sometimes you need to reign it in. Sure, you love to smack that in the bedroom, but you need to be able to function in professional settings as well. Here’s how to behave yourself instead of smacking that all on the floor and smacking that and giving him some more, like Akon told you to.


Be Mindful

As someone who loves to misbehave, you might not be used to checking yourself every so often. However, it’s important to make sure you’re listening to the people around you. Of course, your usual mode of operation is to smack that all on the floor ‘til you get sore like Akon said you should, but sometimes it’s better to stay quiet. Don’t worry, you’ll smack soon!


Practice Self-Control

It’s fun to go wild sometimes, but the more goals you set and accomplish, the better you’ll feel about your personal growth. Of course you want to jump in Akon’s Lamborghini Gallardo, maybe go to his place and just kick it like Tae Bo, but instead, try saying, “That sounds fun. Rain check?” You can always find a time to smack that all on the floor another time!

Look Around

Take in your surroundings and “read the room”. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate for your big booty to be rollin’ right now if you’re at a bridal shower. So take a deep breath, listen to the people around you and try not to smack that big butt against anyone’s dick, let alone all on the floor!


Dress Appropriately

Look the part of someone who behaves. You’re a good girl now, not the kind of girl who rips off her clothes, bends over and enthusiastically smacks that on the floor, on the ceiling or anywhere else she likes to smack that!



Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Even when you’re a good girl, you still gotta let loose and smack that sometimes! But you have to be well rested. If you don’t sleep, you won’t be able to smack that all on the floor all fucking day! Akon won’t be happy, so get some shut-eye. Wow, look at yourself smacking that!


Here’s how to be a good girl instead of always smacking that big ass for Akon. It’s finally time for him to possibly bend you over, so you can look back and watch him smack! Ah, to smack!