5 Mother-Daughter Trips That Will Inevitably End In You Screaming At Each Other

A mother-daughter trip is the perfect way to spend some quality time with the woman who raised you. But even the closest mother-daughter relationships can be stressful when you’re spending all day together in a new place. But still, it’ll be so fun!! Here are five mother-daughter trips that will inevitably end with you screaming at each other, because that’s what happens literally every time you do anything.


A Weekend In New York City

Spend a weekend in the Big Apple with your mom! You can take in a hit Broadway show, then head back to your fancy hotel to order room service. How fun! Of course, when you take a little bit of booze out of the mini fridge, she might launch into a tirade about how much money this whole trip costs even though it was her idea and she begged you to go with her and suddenly you’re fighting about how she was never really “there” for you during your teenage years. Being with mom is so fun, except when it’s not and you’re screaming in her face!


Spa Getaway

Go ahead, pamper yourselves! You and your mom have been through it all, so why not celebrate your loving relationship by getting a massage and sipping on cucumber water. Maybe all you two needed was a reset. You’ll finally get to relax, right up until the moment your mom asks you about your ex who she “really liked” and “doesn’t understand why you broke up with him.” She promised she wouldn’t go there even when you said “Mom don’t go there,” but here you are yelling at her inside a eucalyptus steam room! This is very relaxing for you both!


Wellness Retreat

Anxiety runs in your family, so try a silent wellness retreat where you can prioritize relaxation and reflection. The retreat rules say no talking, so your mom won’t be able to say all the frustrating things she usually says. Until you notice her just giving you that silent glare she gives when she’s not mad, but definitely disappointed in you. What did you even do? You’re on a silent retreat! Don’t worry, the yelling will start the minute this is over!



European Adventure

Head to London or Paris, and take in the classic sights and sounds of Europe. It’ll be a sensory feast, even though your mom will get drunk within the first half hour of the trip and start oversharing that she’s considering divorcing your dad. Amazing! You’ll be screaming at her in a quaint café in no time!


Try out these mother-daughter trips to spend time bellowing insults at your mother. And if you have a stable relationship with your mom, you’re a robot and no one has told you yet! Sorry, that’s the truth!