How to be There for Your Boyfriend, Even Though He Just Got Fired From a Very Simple Job

Losing your job can be traumatic for everyone involved. But your boyfriend just lost another very easy job at a café and it’s getting a bit difficult to empathize with him. Here’s how to be there for him, even though he somehow bungled a job where he mostly just had to show up and put coffee in a cup.


Listen and focus on the hard parts.

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on sometimes. Sure, it’s easy to get distracted by the fact that all he really had to do was show up to the store on time, restock the cups, and press the “coffee” button on the register. This can be really hard for him! Focus on that and don’t let him get down on himself – he’s gotta look for another job!


Console him while agreeing that they were all assholes, anyway.

Your boyfriend lost a just-over-minimum-wage job for the third time this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t console him! Nod along when he explains why he “forgot” to answer the front desk phone, which was kind of his only other job. Yeah, his boss really was a bitch! Maybe put a little money away for rent this month.



Give him time to look for a new job.

It’s hard starting over, especially when you were just starting to begin with after barely looking for a job and then immediately losing said job as a bike messenger when you got a flat tire and said you’d “deal with it later” and just let packages pile up for a couple days. He’s going through a tough time now, so go easy on him and just let him feel his feelings for now. The job may have been so incredibly simple that child could – and has – done it, but he’s taking this hard. This is definitely not his fault!


As a girlfriend, it’s your job to be there for your guy even when he can’t manage simple tasks or hold down a simple job for more than a few days. So after you log a long day, make sure to be there to console him for not being able to do the same.