Deep Breathing Techniques That Are Just You Taking A Huge Hit Off A Fat Bowl

Life can be stressful, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by simple tasks. These are the times when we could all benefit from pressing pause and taking the time for a few deep breaths or one huge hit through a tightly packed bowl. Here are some tried-and-true deep breathing techniques that will send all of your tension and worries billowing out into the breeze, because they are just you packing a pipe and letting it rip.


Belly Breathing

We recognize it can be difficult to keep one hand on your belly while you’re holding a glass pipe filled to the brim with that dank herb, but try it out just after you flick the lighter. You should feel the top of your stomach start to expand with each tranquil toke. Stop and exhale when you can feel a fullness in your belly, or when you get a tickling feeling in the back of your throat like you’re about to uncontrollably burst into a coughing fit. If you’re seeing your chest rise and fall at any point, it means you’re not inhaling deep enough to execute a massive rip off your bowl and experience the full, soothing effect of this exercise.


Speaking Affirmations

Speaking out loud to yourself may seem silly at first, but verbally expressing your desire to be calm can be really powerful. Of course, affirmations work best on the exhale of a massive toke. “I feel calm and relaxed,” “I am completely at ease,” and “I’m baked as shit,” are a few of phrases to start with. Before you know it, your vision of a moment where you feel completely serene and also high as hell will be a reality!


Counting Breaths

Counting your breaths is a great way to distract yourself from negative or worrisome thoughts. Or you can just hold your breath and count the number of seconds it takes for your lungs to fill with that dank-ass smoke. Take a full seven seconds to exhale that cloud of kush and you’ll soon be calm, collected, and totally affirmed.



Deep breathing is a tool you can use almost anywhere to unwind, as long as you’re breathing in an and out of a glass pipe packed with some potent-as-fuck bud. Breath deep and let the worries drift away. Or screw the breathing, eat a giant weed browning, and go right the fuck to sleep!