How To Clean Up Nice Even Though The Party Won’t Even Be That Good


Looking your best can be a challenge, but it’s worth it when you “wow” everyone in the room after walking in. But is it worth going all-out on your look if the party is just kind of okay? You won’t know until you get there! Here’s how to clean up real nice even though, damn, that party won’t be that good and is definitely not worth it.


Find a look that makes you feel powerful.

Do an honest evaluation of yourself at your current state: Is that the person you want to present to the world? If the answer is no, it’s time to take a shower, and throw on a sleek outfit that makes you feel powerful. Of course, this won’t really matter since this whole lame event will probably be over by midnight and nobody cool is really going, so maybe just go halfway on this lewk? Literally nobody is even going to this thing.


Stay Positive!

Even though it may be daunting to chop off your hair or put on a tight tank, remember to show yourself some love. Stay positive, and remember there’s no point in getting down on yourself, especially since only two people RSVP’d to this party on Facebook, and you know one of them is definitely not going to show up – also Gina is kind of weird and always makes a dip which is super weird and dorky? Might as well throw on a fierce jumpsuit just in case!


Ask a friend for advice.

Ask a friend to bring over some cool clothes you’ve been to scared to try on, or to help you try some loose curls. You’ll be the hottest thing at this party tonight, since Jonathan is the only guy you know who is definitely attending and he’s completely offensive to every woman he meets. Finish the look with some fake eyelashes, even though there’s a 50% chance you’ll probably leave this party crying or bored!



Trust the journey.

The journey to becoming your most awesome and sexy self is an arduous one, but go ahead and trust in yourself and put on those fancy stilettos! Will it be worth spraining your ankle while everyone else at this party is wearing Vans and drinking Bud Light? Yes, absolutely!!


Use these steps to clean up really nice and impress everyone at this kind of so-so party you’re headed to. Who cares if you walk in looking like a hot mess, you’ll never be as bad as the party itself!