Woman Sends Annual ‘What’s Up’ Text to Friend With Pool

Last week, 22-year-old Tory Reyes scrolled through her contact list to send her annual “what’s up! Let’s catch up” text to Jennifer, her friend with a pool.


The practice has become an annual event for Tory, who lives in a one-bedroom apartment in the city with no central air and no amenities.


“Near the end of June I think to myself, I would love to go swimming. Moments later I reach out to Jennifer. It’s a very A to B process,” says Tory. “Our checkins usually sounds pretty similar: what’s new, how’s it going, have you uncovered your pool for the year yet. You know, friendship stuff!”


Tory’s tradition of texting Jennifer can be directly correlated to the average temperature outside. Sources close to Jennifer say the text has been known to arrive earlier on years with an uncomfortably hot May.


“Jennifer is a good friend,” says Tory. “Sure, sometimes you lose contact with people in the fall, winter and spring months. But as soon as the grass turns green I start missing her. I don’t know what it is!”


In years past, the text has always led to the two women meeting at Jennifer’s house. Data suggests Jennifer has oftentimes suggested they grab coffee or maybe see a movie, Tory tends to lean towards just enjoying a nice relaxing afternoon in the sun that hits the chairs next to her pool.


“She usually shows up at my door wrapped in a towel and wearing flip flops,” says Jennifer. “She says, ‘Hey oh my god it’s been so long’ while grabbing my arm and leading me to the back of my house. It’s the same thing every year. She’s pretty transparent about her intentions, to be honest.”



Still, Tory is fine with her choices. In fact, she’s already thinking about the other annual she sends text to her friend who works at Radio City Music Hall.


“It’s really important to stay in touch with your friends. Especially in December when the Rockettes are performing,” says Tory. “It’s coming sooner than we realize!”