‘It’s Not a Big Deal,’ Says Woman Who Texted ‘I Have Big News’ Earlier

27-year-old Cara Weilen recently texted her group of three friends that she has ‘big news’. When her friends eagerly gathered at Cara’s house, they learned that their friend had received a huge promotion. After congratulating her enthusiastically, Cara reportedly kept repeating, ‘It’s really not a big deal,’ contradicting her previous excitement.


“Who knows if it will actually work out,” Cara told her friends. “You can’t really get excited until you’re a few months in, you know? I mean I’m getting better insurance, a huge raise, a nicer office and an assistant. But it’s actually nothing.”


After working as a social media manager for a wellness company, Cara worked her way up to head of marketing over the course of six years. Now, after leading her team through a six-month-long campaign that made the company millions, she has been rewarded with a well-deserved promotion to SVP of PR and Brand Strategy.


“It’s truly like, not a thing to write home about,” she added, despite the fact that she wrote her mother a lengthy email explaining how excited she was about the whole situation.


Cara’s friends have done their best to create a space where she would feel comfortable expressing her excitement.



“This is so exciting for Cara,” says a friend Mal Carter. “She’s been working tirelessly for six years and I’m so glad she’s finally being recognized in a big way. I tried to tell her that and she said, ‘Oh don’t be ridiculous’. It made it pretty weird.”


“I wish she’d just accept the praise,” says another friend Vera Gutierrez. “These kinds of promotions come along once in a lifetime, really. It’s too bad she feels like she has to downplay everything.”


At press time, Cara reportedly stated excitedly:


“Oh my god, you guys, they’re playing reruns of ‘Friends’ tonight. I’m so fucking excited! This is like, huge!”