Jessie Sends Another ‘Wait, What’s Happening?’ Text

Friends were stunned after Brooklyn resident Jessie Snyder sent her fourth “Wait, what’s happening?” text to the group this week.


“Our plans can get confusing,” group text friend, Elise Cruz, states. “But if she would just read the last three texts, she’d get the info.”



Waverly Zhou, who started the group text, reports similar issues. “It’s like she refuses to scroll up.”


Zhou released the texts preceding Snyder’s most recent incident.


“She just needs to do the legwork and read the group texts,” Zhou states. “I think she’s overwhelmed by ‘information’ as a concept.”


When investigators examined Snyder’s text history, they found 16 more occurrences of “Wait, what’s happening?”-like responses in other texts from the last month. 15 threads were brought to a screeching halt with Snyder’s confusing text.


“People don’t feel like answering Jessie anymore,” Cruz claims. “She can’t expect us to summarize life for her. We’re not her secretaries. This is not Mad Men. Just READ.”



When called in for questioning, Snyder’s parents report similar behavior via email. “It’s a lot of pressure,” her father Paul Snyder states. “Once you send the email, you can’t change the plan in the slightest, or else there’s zero chance Jessie will understand. I mean, there’s not even a huge chance she’ll get it in the one email.”


“But we can hope,” mother Kim Snyder states. “We always hope.”


When questioned about her behavior, Jessie reports, “Which text? Wait, I’m confused.”