Woman In Group Text Suspicious There’s Another Group Text

After nearly two years in a group text of college friends, 26-year-old Kyla Gray is beginning to suspect that there’s another group text that contains everyone from the current group text except her.


“I started noticing little things like Tanya bringing up something we hadn’t been talking about and no one responding,” says Gray. “Is there something I did? Should I text someone and ask?”


The group text, reportedly intended to share puppy pictures and low-key judge people they went to school with, has been haunting Gray for weeks.


“It seems like they think I don’t notice when I bring something up and no one responds,” says Gray. “I don’t know why they would make another group text without me when I’m the only interesting one in there and everything they say is boring.”



Gray has begun to initiate individual side threads to discuss what is going on in the group text to investigate the possibility of second group text by making subtle comments and gauging the response.


“When everyone ignored those, I continued an hour later with ’JK, I meant like tonight, what’s going on 2nite, does anyone have plans?’ And still no one responded. What more evidence do you need?”


At press time, the rest of the group text could not be reached for comment because apparently most of them have jobs where they can’t sit around group texting all day.