4 Texts to Get The Group Text Going Again

Group text threads are a total blast! But when the thread’s gone dead or people have asked to be removed because of the incessant alerts, how do you get the good times going again? Here are some failsafe texts to get everyone back into the group text that they never wanted to be a part of in the first place.


“Brad, I still love you.”

Your ex, Brad, might be uncomfortable with this text going out to the group text he made for Super Bowl 2013, but it’s totally worth burning that bridge to get the feeling of community back. Plus, you can finally reconnect with Brad’s friends that haven’t spoken with you since the breakup so you can find out how they really feel about it!


“I got backstage Beyoncé passes! Want one?

Send this to the group text that you were accidentally added to by your coworker, Sheila. You’ll get a lot of responses like “Who is this?” and “Yes!” which means you’re about to get an adrenaline rush of phone alerts! Don’t sweat it if the group turns against you when they find out that you don’t really have backstage passes. Remember that you want to get the group text going again, not establish lasting friendships.


“Help! I’m on FIRE!

This text will guarantee responses like “What?” and “Are you serious?” Try it on your best pal’s bridesmaids group text. Once the conversation gets going again, you can ask your girlfriends if they have anyone they can set you up with. Productive!



“I’m hiding Brad’s body. Don’t tell anyone what we did.” 

Send this text to your family to get them to finally respond to your group text about Thanksgiving plans. Make sure to add “Oops, wrong person” after they send a few responses so you can get back to that Thanksgiving planning! Just get ready for them to freak out and call the police.


Use these texts and you’re sure to get tons of responses from your friends and family. Now your sweet phone will buzz with life! Community!