QUIZ: Which Navarro Cheerleader Are You Most Like Minus the Talent and Dedication?

The Navarro cheer team has taken the world by storm with the new Netflix docuseries Cheer. The team is full of beloved characters who push through pain, injury, and their own personal traumas to achieve greatness in an incredibly challenging sport. So, which Navarro cheer team member is most like you, minus any of the talent, dedication, and the tedious, daily hard work that you didn’t see on the show? Take this quiz to find out:


One of your coworkers just botched a huge presentation that both of you worked on, and you might have just lost a client. How do you react!

  1. You scream, “YES, GIRL! 143 POUNDS, BITCH! YESSSS!”
  2. You immediately tell everyone in the presentation that she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing, and walk out. Everybody claps.
  3. You hop in, even though you just came from another meeting, and save the entire presentation (with some unsolicited help from your parents).
  4. You say, “whatever” and offer to smoke her up outside work later. Fuck this job.


You sprain your ankle by accident. You:

  1. Let it roll off. Your next most important job is supporting the people around you!
  2. You keep doing your damn job, because you worked too hard already to let this stop you.
  3. Your parents find a way to monetize this.
  4. You hit the vape and start doing some backflips, whatever.


You’ve just hit a major accomplishment and suddenly have a lot of clout in your field. How do you use it?

  1. You use it to follow your dreams, continue with your passion but also get an education to fall back on, because you’re endlessly positive, but also realistic!
  2. Enjoy the fame and idk, become a personal trainer?
  3. Your parents force you to advertise their swimwear line.
  4. IDK, not really sure? Lol.





Mostly 1’s

You are: Jerry

You are an endlessly positive, giving, and humble person! Everything you do is in support of the people around you. On the other hand, you probably can’t lift a baby over your head, unlike Jerry, who has put countless hours into his craft. Try harder, maybe?

Mostly 2’s

You are: La’Darius

Ooh! You are a DRAMA QUEEN, but you have also overcome a lot of obstacles in your life that have forced you to be tough. But you also probably go to the gym like, once a week on a good week, and sprained your wrist doing a cartwheel, so maybe chill out a bit?

Mostly 3’s

You are: Gabi

You are clearly the best at what you do, and have reaped the rewards for it – in spite of having a very controlling and possibly toxic family. Except that no matter what your field is, you probably haven’t put in a fraction of the hours that Gabi actually has to be as good as her. What the fuck were you doing at age 3? She was cheering.

Mostly 4’s

You are: Lexi

You’re a cool, chill girl with a ton of potential but a propensity for weed and party drugs. No biggie, life is a wild ride! The only thing is you could never, in a million years, learn how to stick a landing the way that Lexi does, because you don’t even have the dedication of a talented stoner. You’re just a regular stoner, sorry.