Netflix Christmas Movies That Are Just Hot People In Coats

Is there any better way to ring in the holidays than by cozying up in your sturdiest sweatpants and watching some holiday films? There are so many classics filled with memorable quotes, heartwarming stories, and the magic of the season. But sometimes, what you really want for Christmas is to stare at a bunch of very attractive people who are wearing outerwear. Thankfully, Netflix totally gets that, so they released a whole slew of new holiday flicks that are basically just hot people wearing coats. So don’t hold back – dive right into this winter wonderland of ridiculously symmetrical humans dressed for chilly temperatures!



The Holiday Calendar

This movie features the devastatingly gorgeous Kat Graham walking around a small town in a peacoat with leather sleeves. Watch her look amazing as she receives a vaguely magical advent calendar, sort of searches for love, and kind of advances her career. Enjoy looking at the flawless skin and sparkly smiles of both of her romantic interests – the cute nice guy in a fun puffy coat AND the cute mean guy in a stiff wool coat. And, as a special Christmas treat, feast your eyes on Ron Cephas Jones as the handsome grandpa, absolutely destroying in tweed!


Holiday In The Wild

You might not think a Christmas movie set in an elephant rescue camp in Africa would be mostly about hot people in coats, but wow is it ever. Get ready to watch Kristin Davis as a recently wronged wife and Rob Lowe as a cool pilot man – both looking hot AF in earth tones. See them and their perfect jawlines stroll briskly amongst elephant camp tents in leather and Burberry. Get lost in their dreamy eyes as they enjoy the balmy night air and talk about family or poachers or divorce or whatever. A happy Christmas to us all!


A Christmas Prince

When a scrappy journalist goes undercover in a modern-day monarchy, you’ll discover the true meaning of Christmas: a thick scarf is the perfect accent for high cheekbones. So pour yourself some eggnog and watch quirky reporter Amber, charming prince Richard, and the rest of a bunch of wool-clad J.Crew models spend 90 minutes walking around what seems to be the set for a Christmas card photoshoot. Sometimes they’re even on horses, which is extra hot. Cheers!


Christmas Inheritance

Heat up your holiday with this timeless tale of a wealthy heiress who travels to a rustic town while looking absolutely stunning in a fuchsia peacoat. Curl up by the fire and gaze upon CW star Eliza Taylor’s golden locks as she meets the residents of Snow Falls, including the salt-of-the-earth inn manager in a brown farmers jacket and Andie MacDowell in a bright blue down bomber. It’s the new holiday classic that will have you glancing down at your crotch and saying, “Wow…I guess I have a thing for Andie MacDowell.” Such is the magic of Christmas!



The Princess Switch

What could be more festive than one Vanessa Hudgens in a winter coat? Two Vanessa Hudgenses in two winter coats, duh! Welcome to the tiny monarchical country of Belgravia, where you’ll meet Midwestern Vanessa in a Midwestern coat and European Vanessa in a European coat. Watch them walk down snowy streets, sit in sleighs, exist near baked goods, and nod at orphans. And if that doesn’t get your chestnuts roasting, take a gander at their respective hot male love interests, both bundled up just enough so you can still tell they work out. Thanks, Santa!

This season is a time for tradition, family, and charity – but also, thanks to Netflix, it’s a time for hot people in unzipped coats just sort of walking around… and we know that’s what you really want, so go for it! Happy Holidays!