Woman Still Not Ready to Decide If She’s Gonna Get Into ‘The Wire’

Nearly 15 years after it’s debut episode, The Wire is widely heralded as one of the greatest shows ever to air on television. But Andrea Cole is still not quite ready to decide whether she’s gonna get into The Wire or not.


“I’ve heard great things about The Wire,” explained Cole when no one asked her. “But I just don’t know if I’m there right now. I’m not feeling like I’m in a Wire-y place. I just don’t know.”


The hit HBO drama series that sinks into the drug world of Baltimore has been suggested to Cole nearly every time she asks Facebook for show suggestions, yet she remains hesitant.


During our interview, Cole’s roommate could be heard yelling from the next room, “WE GOT HBO JUST SO YOU COULD WATCH THE WIRE. JUST WATCH THE WIRE!”


“It’s a tough decision,” she responded with a shrug.


When questioned further, Cole’s roommate Jeanette Miller explained, “She asks me all the time for show ideas and I always say The Wire, but then I come home and find her watching Friends again.”


Friends is a classic! But I do feel left out when people talk about The Wire. Some people say they hated season two, but some people love it! It’s just hard to form a consensus on whether I should commit to this world-renowned show yet.”



According to reports, Cole has had plenty of opportunities to watch the show, but rejected them because of her indecisiveness.


“I was playing the first episode for her in bed one night,” shares her ex-boyfriend, Jordan White. “During the opening scene, she said she was in more of a Frasier mood and made me put that on. It’s part of why I broke up with her. How can someone go this long without seeing The Wire?”


“Sure, it’s hard,” Cole continues. “Maybe I’ll never know what a young Michael B. Jordan looks like.”


When asked why she would ever miss any opportunity to look at Idris Elba, Cole replied, “IDRIS ELBA IS IN THE WIRE?”