5 Heartfelt Texts That Mike Will Respond To With ‘K’

Your boyfriend Mike is great, but his texting game is not. While he is not that bad at saying full sentences in person, he can’t seem to respond to a text using more than a one-letter response. Here are the sweetest, most heartfelt texts you can send to him that he will definitely respond to with a ‘K’.


“I’m using the coffee mug you got me! I love it. I’ve gotten so many compliments!”

Mike is a super thoughtful guy, and the coffee mug he gave you to celebrate your new job is proof of that. But when you try to tell him about how much the gesture means to you, he seems to not care at all. This gushing text will receive the same one-letter response you would get for saying, “I’m on my way.” Maybe he was busy?


“Thanks for coming to my sister’s engagement party. It was really nice to have all of us there and I know my mom appreciated it. You’re the best.”

In the past, you’ve been unable to bring Mike to family events because of his rigorous work schedule, but you were all able to go to Emily and Brad’s engagement party and you still haven’t heard the last of it from your mom. After meeting him, the whole family is hoping he’s going to be around for many years to come. Your sweet text will let him know just how much your family loves him. Mike’s take on the situation? A resounding ‘K.’


“I really think you’re doing the right thing here and I hope your boss agrees. I love how principled you are. Let me know how it goes.”

Mike’s office is crazy, and sometimes you think he’s the only sane one there. When he took it upon himself to stand up for the team, he was super nervous so you decided to give him a little extra encouragement. I don’t know, maybe you caught him at a weird time? Was he already with his boss? It’s been a few hours now. Maybe he was arrested? He has such a good heart.



“Can’t wait to get you in bed tonight… I’ve got a few ideas ;)”

Your chemistry with Mike is super hot, so you went out of your comfort zone and sent a little sexy text to keep his imagination active all day. You want to let Mike know that you’re fantasizing about him, but maybe you picked the wrong time to send this text. I guess he was with his friends or something and felt weird responding sincerely?


“I’m still thinking about our talk last night. Thanks for always listening to me and encouraging me! You make me feel safe.”

You and Mike had an amazing heart-to-heart over a bottle of wine last night that left you feeling more refreshed and joyful than ever. Mike is so understanding! He’s such an amazing communicator so it’s weird that he isn’t channeling more of that right now.


When you first started dating, you assumed Mike would be as good over the phone as he was in person, but it turns out that’s not the case. Hey Mike, it would be great if you could be a little more engaged. K? K.