6 Playful Cartoon Noises That Will Make Him Come So Fast

If we know anything about men, it’s that they love a girl who can keep things playful in the bedroom. Turn it up a notch by incorporating these awesome cartoon noises into your sexy sheet romps to make him come the fastest. He’s going to be so hot and bothered that he won’t be able to contain himself for very long!



Every guy loves a girl who embraces a little mystery and spontaneity. Stop kissing him, slink over to the bathroom, and shout “POOF!” before you close the bathroom door. He’s gonna be like, “Oh my god, where did she go? I am so turned on right now! My penis came!”



After cultivating enough mystery in the bathroom (don’t stay too long or he’ll think you’re pooping!!!) come back to your man and turn the dial up to 11 by flicking his erect penis and exclaiming “BOINGGG!” There is no better way to make him come in like three seconds than to let him know that you are down to clown!



You’re not like a regular girl who uses boring old words to communicate during sex. You’re a FUN girl so it’s time to shake it up! Guys love cars and so he is going to be super excited when you pretend his balls are an old-timey car horn. Bonus move: try using his penis as a gear shift! He will come!!




Changing positions can be a little hard to coordinate but you’ve got a secret weapon: saying “WHOOOSH!” until he comes like a geyser! He’ll be like “Whoa is this a girl or a gazelle? That was so fast!” All you have to do is smile coyly and keep on grindin’.



Oops! He ventured into uncharted territory. Don’t worry about derailing this boning sesh! You’ve come too far to turn back. Keep the mood fun n’ light n’ playful n’ chill by quickly uttering “YOWZA!” while guiding him back to your ladyhole n’ cummin’ real fast in it.



This is a great “We did it!” noise to yell when he comes fast. But just as he starts to feel kinda tired, yell “SPLAT!” This should scare him into coming again!!


These six noises are literally all you need to make your guy come so fast! He’s gonna brag to all his friends about how animated and playful you are. That’s all, folks!