How To Flirt With Him Through A Series Of Playful Slaps

If you’ve survived to reach adulthood, you obviously know how to flirt! But do you know how to incorporate playful slaps into your flirting regime? Causing a man to get lost in your charm through the soft beginnings of violence might sound tricky, but it’s truly child’s play once you take our simple tactics into consideration!


Playfully say, “You’re the worst!” before slapping his shoulder.

Greg is actually the best, but telling him he’s the worst is cute! A few slaps on his shoulder coupled with a vaguely playful-yet-condescending statement is a surefire way to let him know you’re interested and fun!


Come up behind him, flick his head and say, “GUESS WHO!?”

Damn, girl, do you have any idea how playful you are? Either use the small of your hand, or a flick of your fingers to flick his head into slight discomfort, before forcing him to guess who you are! It’s a cute way of saying, “Hey boy, I need your attention desperately!”


When he mildly disagrees with you, ask him, “DO YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE?” before shoving him.

This is a playful shove; a shove that communicates you don’t take well to other people’s opinions, and that you just wanted to make contact with his big, brawny shoulders. With this slightly aggressive flirting technique, he’ll definitely be thinking, “Wow, what’s HER deal?!”



Flirtatiously kick his feet with your feet and say, “Hey, I’m walking here!”

Oh you, with your lines! The funniest part of this flirting technique is that he’s the one actually trying to get somewhere, and you’re essentially inhibiting him from going about his day with your coy flirting methods! That’s ideal, though — no man can resist a woman who commandeers his space and time!


Toss your head back and laugh while saying, “You’re too much!” before initiating a light chokehold.

The only reason a woman would grab a man’s neck is to get closer to him, and he’ll definitely pick up on that! It’s possible his eyes will shift nervously from your overtly flirty contact, but don’t worry: That’s just him being intimidated by your fun sexual energy!


If none of these techniques work out for you, try a more straightforward route and slap his cheek while saying, “I find you really attractive and don’t know how to maturely express that!” Now get at him!