Woman Worried Relationship Not Hayride Ready

Minneapolis resident Grace Faris has been dating her boyfriend Steven for over three months, and though the relationship is going well, Faris worries the relationship is not hayride-ready.


“There are relationships, and then there are hayride relationships. Are we ready for all the bumps, plaid, and bales of hay?” Grace says. “I just don’t know if we’re strong enough.”


“It’s not just the hayride of course, it’s everything that goes along with it,” Grace explains. “Pumpkin patches, apple cider, cozy sweaters… that’s a lot for a new relationship to take on.”


Grace’s mom agrees.


“I had doubts about Steven from the start,” she adds. “He just doesn’t seem like he can handle a long, romantic hayride and everything that goes with it. Is that that kind of person my daughter should be dating? I’m not so sure.”


Despite her hesitations, Grace has planned a trip to a local farm that’s known for its honey sticks and maple donuts.


“I want to believe in us. I want to believe we have a future, and that future includes at least one hayride a year,” Grace says.



“As long as they’re not haunted hayrides,” she adds. “But I’m willing to hear him out if that’s what he wants.”


When asked to comment, Grace’s best friend Clara grew emotional.


“I just care about Grace so much,” Clara explains. “I know Steven, but I don’t think he even knows how badly this hayride could go.”


Grace and Steven will be taking this big step next weekend and Grace plans to reassess the relationship once they are back on solid, non-hay-covered ground.


When asked if he thought a hayride would critically change the nature of their relationship, Steven answered, “What’s a hayride?”