Sobbing Woman ‘Can’t Complain’

Erika Pedrad was found crying uncontrollably in the office bathroom this afternoon. When asked by coworkers how she is doing, she responded in between sobs, “Honestly? Can’t complain.”


With tears streaming down her face, she then apologized for the mess her bleeding leg had made on the floor, saying, “Things could always be worse.”


According to coworkers, it appears that the woman’s leg is broken.


“I asked if she was in pain but she assured me she was fine by muttering something like, ‘What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger,’ says accountant Tami Goldberg. “But I still think she should go to the hospital.”



When questioned about her mysterious tumble down the stairs, the woman had little to complain about.


“I haven’t had much of an appetite since my breakup last week, and I’ve been kind of lightheaded ever since,” she explained, as her blood vessels were actively bursting from all the weeping. “I probably just blacked out for a minute. But hey, stuff like this happens to everyone.”


Though repeated efforts were made to provide the woman with medical attention, she reportedly insisted she was “great,” that she would simply “push through it,” and that she ”is just focusing on the positive.”


“This is ridiculous,” says her friend, Shira. “What if the bone doesn’t set right?”


By closing time, the woman had not yet exited the bathroom. In a last attempt, her coworker texted, “I have to head out. Are you sure you’re going to be okay?”


The woman responded, “It’s all good. Things could be much worse! I’m gonna walk it off.”