Time for Becky to Start Freaking Out About Halloween

Despite the fact that Halloween is months away, it is officially time for Becky to start freaking out about Halloween.


The community typically begins preparing for groups of teenagers misbehaving on Halloween the week before, but must prep themselves for Becky’s excitement months in advance because her favorite color is “orange and black” and her birthday is in October.


“I don’t know what is it,” says Becky’s close friend, Rhiannon. “At the first sign of brisk air, she starts reminding me that she only likes me because I have a witch’s name.”


Based on prior experience, Becky’s friends can expect Becky to dress them up in costumes, baiting people to participate in trick-or-treating, and forcefully planning group haunted hayride trips through November.


When asked for comment, Becky said, “OooOooOooO spooooooooky! Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m just really into Halloween. I love Halloween.”



In a shocking revelation Becky announced that her Halloween movie collection has doubled since last year, even though people rarely make new Halloween movies anymore. She has also managed to double the list of haunted houses she wants to take everyone to and the number of times she’s going to ask you if you’re coming to her Halloween party.


“Oh yeah, we told her Santa wasn’t real but the devil was and she basically ran with it,” says her father. “I’ve been kind of worried ever since.”


“I just LOVE Halloween, I’m crazy like that,” says Becky, further attempting to explain the mania. “It’s all my favorite things in one place: dressing up, scaring people, Halloween, candy, and screaming!”


When asked for comment, Becky said, “Oh my god, Halloween! Ahhhh!.”