Insensitive Coworker Thinks Astrology Is Some Kind Of Joke Or Something

After reading her coworkers’ daily horoscopes aloud, Cara Murphy was stunned when coworker Geoff Bevins responded with, “Haha…you’re not like, serious about that stuff, are you?” as if it was some kind of fucking joke or something.


“It felt a whole flood of emotions—hurt, confused, frightened, like a true Pisces,” said Murphy. “Does he think this is some kind of fucking game?”


Murphy added that her horoscopes have been uncannily accurate for her in the past and on more than one occasion she’s been impacted by Mercury Retrograde, to which Bevin responded with, “Oh. I mean, that’s all made up, right? Right??”



While it’s shocking that people like Bevins still make blanket statements about astrological science, sadly, many people treat astrology like it’s just a way of having a little fun on a slow day at work, like doing Mad Libs or playing with magnets.


“If a coworker can’t, at the very least, respect who I am—a Pisces, Leo rising with THREE of my planets in Gemini—I should at least be able to file a harassment complaint at my workplace,” Murphy said.


But Bevins’ hateful rejection of Murphy’s lifestyle won’t stop her from continuing her life as “that girl in the office who’s super into the occult.”


“This is my life. It’s who I am,” says Murphy. “I didn’t choose this; the stars did.”