QUIZ: Are You Getting Fired in This Meeting or Do They Still Not Know You’re Garbage?

Getting called into your boss’s office can be unsettling, especially when you’re not sure what the reason for the meeting is and you’re pretty bad at your job. That’s why we’ve created this quiz to get down to the matter at hand: Are you getting fired in this meeting or do they still not know you’re total garbage, completely useless, and unworthy of the position entirely?


How late do you show up to work?

1. At least an hour.
2. About 15 minutes, but I’m trying to push it to 20!


Has anyone noticed you’ve been taking 3-hour-long lunches?
1. Yup. My boss even slacked me about it this week.
2. Not yet! And I’m gonna keep doing it until someone does.


How many times have you screwed something up at work this week?
1. Every single day.
2. Every single day, but my boss only noticed when I cc’d them on the wrong email.


Do you ever try to go above and beyond with your work?
1. Absolutely not. Literally never.
2. No, but I’m good at pretending like I do!


Have they had negative talks with you before?
1. Yeah – just yesterday they said if I didn’t change my work habits I was gonna get fired.
2. Nope! My boss has actually said that I’m doing really great.



Mostly 1s: Uh oh – looks like this might actually be the last meeting you ever have at this office. Hope it’s been a good run though! Maybe try to do better at your next job. Or don’t! Who cares!

Mostly 2s: Unless your boss found out about all the things you weren’t actually doing overnight, you probably aren’t getting fired today. You might even be getting a promotion! OMG congratulations!!!