5 Barelegged Winter Looks That Say ‘I Do Not Own A Pair Of Tights’

Style is style, no matter what season it is. Stunning bare long legs are a classic fashion statement, and this is true even in the most miserably cold winter. Through ice, sleet, and snow, your legs will tell everyone, “I do not own tights; also, what are tights?” Here are five winter looks that will show off your beautiful, uncovered legs that have never touched nylon.


1. Sleek Sweater With Skater Skirt and Boots

1 skater skirt

With this chic ensemble, the boots immediately tell people that you are FULLY aware that it is, in fact, winter, and no, you don’t own tights. Find a playful sweater to complement your purple, frostbitten knees. Anyone who sees you in this outfit will know that you don’t even own a long-ish set of socks, never mind an all-out pair of tights.



2. Knitted Sweater Dress With Black Chunky Heels

2 sweater dress

Wearing a thick mod sweater dress will keep your arms and torso toasty-warm. Your legs? Fuck ’em! It’s far too difficult to find a pair of tights that will match the color of the dress, which is fine because you don’t own any tights at all. At this point, you’re unsure of what tights even are. All you know is that you look great, and your right leg is slowly verging on complete numbness because that’s where the wind is coming from.




3. High-Wasted Shorts With Button-Up Shirt and Statement Necklace

3 high waisted shorts

This outfit will ensure a statement! Between the bold chunky necklace and the daring shorts, people will be positive of the fact that a fashionista such as you couldn’t possibly own a pair of tights and simply not put them on. This outfit is the perfect way to say, “I have never seen a pair of tights in my life. You mean there’s a way to make my legs warmer? Are you shitting me?”




4. Bomber Jacket With Crop-Top and Striped Skirt

4 bomber

With this ensemble, your shivering legs aren’t alone in their plight, because a small part of your midsection is ice-cold as well! You could just zip the jacket, but then it wouldn’t look quite as cute. The mantra “beauty is pain” is never as true as when your legs are frozen and your bellybutton is collecting a small bank of snow. There is no way anyone can assume you’ve even touched a pair of tights when you’re sporting this admirable look.




5. Knit Infinity Scarf With Belted Short Floral Dress

5 infinity scarf

A warm infinity scarf paired with a summery dress is a contradictory way to tell the world that you’re not afraid to take fashion risks! Plus, your neck will be toasty warm! If only they made something that was like an infinity scarf for your legs… Too bad your mother is French and made sure you never found out what pantyhose are.


Now you have plenty of options when forging out for a fun and freezing night on the town! Who needs tights? The bar is heated anyway. It’s really only a 15-block walk. That’s cumulatively about 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back. You’ll be fine, right?