‘She’s Probably on Her Period,’ Says Man Who Had A Car Lifted Off of Him By Woman

After a miraculous attempt to lift a car off of her pinned neighbor, Ann Pirnie realized she had saved the life of Anthony Robinson, who was trapped underneath his 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 after the car jack collapsed.


“Honestly, I wasn’t even thinking. It was like something else took over and I just acted,” says Pirnie.


“It was probably her hormones,” says Robinson. “Women get so crazy around that time of the month.”



“I heard a bang and then Anthony screaming and I just ran over and started lifting. Adrenaline kicked in I guess. I definitely couldn’t do it if you asked me to now,” said Pirnie.


Anthony was not entirely soothed by Pirnie’s behavior. “It’s nice and all, but honestly I was a little thrown by how aggressive she was acting. Like, last month she asked me not to park across from her driveway ’cause she was having trouble backing out—so yeah, she can be kind of irrational.”


First responders were stunned by Pirnie’s act of heroism. “As soon as I got there, I was like, whoa, was she on her period or something?” says EMT, Rob Kaminski. “I almost offered her a painkiller, because she had that look in her eye, like she might say or do something crazy.”


Robinson is expected to fully recover from the broken leg he sustained, while Pirnie is still being monitored closely.