This CEO Ditched Her Car and Started Riding a Man to Work

With daily commutes more congested and slower than ever, even those at the top of the corporate ladder are looking for effective alternatives to driving or taking the train. That’s why CEO Priya Bhatt recently made the decision to ditch her car and start riding a man to work.


“I’ve been driving to work for two decades,” said Ms. Bhatt. “Since traffic has gotten so out of control, and biking didn’t feel right to me, one day I hopped on a man and it just immediately felt right.”


Ms. Bhatt chose her man carefully, going for practicality over looks when she found a beefy 42–year-old circuit trainer with a perfectly functioning body and a slightly busted face to take her to and from the office.


“I know he’s not the newest model,” added Bhatt. “Some of the newer ones might look great, but give out after a few years of consistent riding. I know mine is built to last.”


Bhatt adds: “Plus he’s used, which I actually prefer.”


The trick to riding a man to work, according to Ms. Bhatt, is to “dress comfortable in the morning, ride the man, and then change when you get to work.”


“Anyone can ride a man to work,” she says. “It’s just a matter of figuring out how it fits into your daily schedule.”



She adds, “Occasionally it’ll rain and I’ll have to bite the bullet and take my man onto a crowded train with me. And sometimes if I have a dinner right after work, I’ll throw my man in the back of a taxi and then leave him outside while I eat. It’s not so bad. Again, just small life changes.”


For those worried about having your man stolen, Bhatt suggests opting for a small collapsible man that can be kept in the office. Naturally, safety always comes first. “I always wear a helmet,” says Bhatt. And of course, have fun! “I listen to Lemonade while I’m riding my man to work,” she added, “But he can’t listen to anything, because he needs to concentrate on weaving in and out of trucks and cars.”