Mother Pushes Failed Dream of Becoming Good Mother onto Daughter

In an effort to vicariously live out her failed dream of becoming a good mother, new grandma Nancy Fry has been actively pushing her 29-year-old daughter Katherine to extreme lengths to ensure she becomes the role model that she never was.


“I’ve been haunted for many years about how miserably I failed at raising Katherine,” Nancy admits. “Constantly pushing and harassing my daughter toward becoming the greatest mother ever is the only way I can live out my own missed opportunities.”


Realizing her daughter would make an acceptable surrogate to experience her lifelong aspiration of being a fit parent, Nancy was quick to place an insurmountable amount of pressure on Katherine to not “screw this whole motherhood thing up”.


“I may not have been able to hack it as a source of maternal love, but by God, my daughter sure as hell better,” says Nancy, while framing the baby’s footprints. “She’s gonna be the best mother; like nothing she’s ever seen before.”



Seeing herself in her daughter, Nancy first began to realize her lost ambitions of “super mom” status by regularly intimidating Katherine into giving her four-week-old-daughter an extra dose of TLC. “Smile now,” Nancy shouts at Katherine, who is struggling to change her colicky daughter’s diaper. “Smile big!”


“There have been countless instances in which I simply wasn’t there to help my daughter,” Nancy says. “Staying on Katherine to be a loving mom to her child has, in a way, helped me feel like I was a loving mom,” she explains, “which I certainly was not. Hugging made me squirmy, itchy almost. That was always my weakness: hugging. If only I was comfortable hugging, that coulda been me out there…” She trails off, gazing longingly at her daughter.


Nancy has been attempting to realize this unfulfilled dream in other ways, most notably by encouraging her daughter to memorize all the lullabyes she never learned, adding, “Sing out, Katherine!”


“There are no room for flaws this time around,” Nancy whispers intensely. “I’m sure the relentless verbal abuse and unattainable expectations I’ve placed on her will be just the tools she needs to beat out all the competition and then I can finally experience what it feels like to be a good mother through my daughter Katherine.”



When reached for comment, Katherine said, “My mom is going through some kind of breakup and asked if she could stay here for a week. She’s never been great with feelings.”


Nancy was last seen calling Katherine a “lazy good-for-nothing” for having trouble breastfeeding her child, adding, “You gotta give ‘em all you’ve got!”