4 Lipsticks You Can Also Put On Your Eyes If That’s Fun For You

Lipstick is essential part of your makeup kit that can bring your whole look together. But did you know that you can also put it on your eyes, if that sort of thing seems fun to you? We bet you never thought of doing that, since lipstick normally goes on your mouth. But here’s a thought: You can draw with it on your eyes. Cool, right? Here are five lipsticks you can buy and wear like a normal person, or you can also put them on your eyes if that sounds like a good idea to you.


MAC Lipstick In Ruby Woo

This red lipstick works beautifully with every skin tone and looks stunning when pressed onto your lips as a stain. Or you can smear it all over your eyes and then look in the mirror and yell, “AHHH!” to scare yourself. That could be fun, and we’re just letting you know it’s also an option if you agree!


Clinique Almost Lipstick In Black Honey

A perfect shade of glamorous berry makes this lipstick an instant classic, but hey, consider this for a second: What if you drew all over your eyes with it? People don’t usually do this with lipstick, but if it sounds fun to you, just do it! Go for it! No one can tell you what to do. You are the only one stopping yourself from putting lipstick on your eyes! How’s that for beauty inspo?



Chanel Rouge Coco Shine In Boy

This pink lipstick has the perfect amount of shine and would look great with a black cat eye. It would also not look good on your eyes, but that’s not the point! You can put it there anyway if that truly seems like it would be a blast, because authorities do not exist and anything is possible! Throw off your shackles and put your makeup wherever you want!


Surratt Automatique Lip Crayon In 7 Deep

This rock n’ roll lipstick gives a great dark lip color, but who says you need to put it on your mouth if you really want to put it on your eyes? That sounds more fun! You have a choice between complying with arbitrary rules or smearing that shit all over those fun eye holes of yours. Choose fun! Yes! That’s right!! Put lipstick all over your eyes! Run around screaming because you’re an eye monster now, AHHHHHH!!!


Pair any of these pretty lipsticks with eye shadow, which, just a head’s up, you can also eat if that sounds interesting to you!