Casual Looks to Take You From Day to Not Having Plans at Night

When you’re getting ready in the morning, you want a look that’s going to work for both day and night, even if your night plans are just microwaving a Hot Pocket and watching TV. If you’re looking for outfit punch-ups that will help you transition from the office to an evening alone on your couch, look no further! We’ve assembled the best tips to take your outfit from day to not doing anything at all!


Trade Your Blazer for a Sweatshirt

Switch out your work blazer for a casual sweatshirt and watch your look go from power suit, to powering through Suits on Netflix. Blazers are great for work, but you’re gonna want to lounge on the couch and don’t want that type of limb constriction. So go ahead, toss that blazer right on the floor and cozy up with a body pillow cause nobody texted you with any plans tonight.


Velour Sweatpants

When you’re going into work for casual Friday, prepare for your Friday evening by wearing these fancy, yet relaxed pants that can seamlessly go from work to eating delivery alone. Sure, they’re sweatpants—but they’re also kind of shiny. Just fashionable enough to get away with at work before people start to worry about you! These fashion chameleons are perfect for a casual day then a long evening of scrolling through the entirety of Mike’s Instagram while trying desperately not to like his photo from 276 weeks ago.



Shirt With Last Night’s Burrito Stains

Your only remaining button-up has last night’s burrito stains, but hey, that burrito was so good that it really deserves a tribute to its memory. Throw this cute stained tee on before your morning coffee and be amazed as the additional stains that pile up over the day transform it into the perfect look for cancelling your dinner plans with Jen. Beautiful!


Just Take Your Bra Off and Give Up Now

Sometimes you’re already wearing an outfit that looks casual enough, but could definitely feel a lot more casual. In these cases, it’s time to take off your bra. Taking your bra off is the simplest and most freeing way to glam yourself up for a night of literally nothing, because literally nobody responded to your group text about bowling. Why are people so against bowling? Either way, taking off your bra is the universal signal for “I have given up on today,” so live up to the true potential of tonight, and expect nothing.


Finding a look that can work with every aspect of your day can be taxing! From running errands during the day to forgetting to call your Grandma at night, we’ve got your looks covered!