‘I Don’t Mind Being Shorter Than You,’ Says Man Who Brought It Up

On a recent date, Durham, NC resident Jeanie Brown learned that he did not mind being shorter than her, even though she did not notice or mention it at all.


Sources suggest he might, in fact, mind.


“I didn’t tell him ahead of time that I was tall,” said Brown. “I also didn’t say anything while on the date, because again it’s not something that needs to be addressed.”


Brown’s date, Luke Martin, disagreed.


“I just wanted her to know it didn’t bother me that she was, like, an inch or two taller than me,” said Martin, who is about three inches shorter than Brown.


Brown said she knew it was going to be an issue when the two first met up outside of the bar.


“He almost immediately changed the subject to how tall I was. He told me my height was ‘very cool.’ He kept saying that over and over again.”


“Every so often, he’d ask me what it was like growing up tall, when I’d hit my growth spurt, if I wore heels, you know,” Brown continued. “It was obvious he was very worried about the height difference.”


“Tall girls can be so self-conscious about that kind of thing!” said Martin.


Brown said Martin was fascinated by her past dating life, specifically with shorter men.



“How did taking pictures work?” he reportedly asked her. “Or like, kissing? The guys must’ve been so insecure. Not me though, I really don’t care, just so you know.”


Brown was unsure how to answer any of those questions, and eventually gave up on trying to make the date work.


“It’s kind of nice being tall, honestly,” said Brown. “Weeds out the insecure men early on.”


Martin was surprised when Brown left early, but said he wasn’t upset and didn’t mind at all.