Man Sex Face Bad

Sex is supposed to be fun, but this man, Nate, make a bad face when he does sex. Women in bed with him try and have good time, but unfortunately man sex face bad. Man sex face very bad.


“I don’t think about what my face is doing during sex,” says Nate, with the bad face. “I never think about the way I look. I’m too focused on pleasing my partner and experiencing pleasure myself.”


Uh huh, because that face he does is not good.


“His face does a crazy thing where it looks dead but also contorted,” says a woman who saw the face. “It totally took me out of the moment. I was like, ‘Am I having sex with a monster?’”


No, not a monster. Just sex with a face that is bad during sex time.


“I have learned to keep my eyes closed,” says another who hates the very bad face. “But once in a while I accidentally open my eyes and see his face again. I wish men had even a little bit of self-awareness.”


Nate not worried, but sex face still bad. He found out, now face mad.


“Apparently people think I have a weird sex face?” says the man, learning. “Well I’m sorry I’m supposed to be thinking about how I look when I’m being intimate with someone. That honestly seems like too much to ask!”


Women fight back against bad sex face that makes them go “oh no please.”


“This shit society has made it so women have trouble being carefree during sex,” says third smart woman. “If women don’t get to make fucking crazy ugly scrunched up faces, neither should men.”


But he will make sex face again, surely.


“Listen, I’m not going to change how I have sex just because women think I look weird,” says dumb boy who knows nothing. “You can either sign up for my ‘bad’ face or you don’t sleep with me!”


Sign up? No thanks.



Time to wrap this up, but first:


“It’s not just his face,” says the good woman from before. “His dick is gross! He doesn’t want to go down on me unless I’m showered, but I’m supposed to like his dirty penis? No way!”


That’s right. Man dick smell bad, too.