Mike’s Instagram Just Two Pictures of His Tractor

Mike Wilcox of Logansport, Indiana, has always been seen as a bit aloof by his peers. Friends describe him as rather private, and unwilling to share much about his life outside of work and school. So those hoping to find some insight into Mike’s personal life through his social media have been dealt a huge blow: His Instagram feed reportedly features just two photos of his John Deere tractor, taken three weeks apart.


“Most people share photos of their friends and family on Instagram, so people can get a look at his life and his interests,” says Reilly Jordan, an acquaintance of Mike’s. “He just has two pictures of his tractor.”


The photos, despite being displayed so prominently on Mike’s Instagram profile, are wholly “unremarkable”, sources say. The first is a photo of his tractor from the side, the second is a photo of his tractor from the front. Both are free of any artistic filters and the second is slightly out of focus.


“See, that really bothers me,” says Reilly. “You’ve only got two pictures up there. At least make sure they’re both in focus. His iPhone should do that for him.”


While friends and family may be frustrated by the lack of variety in Mike’s feed, they are at least able to glean some information from his captions.


“The first one doesn’t have a caption,” says Mike’s friend, Chrissy Brower. “The second caption says ‘my baby’, which sort of gives us insight into the fact that he loves his tractor.”


Those looking for any clues beneath the surface of these posts have come up with a few results.



“Well, the last photo was posted five weeks ago,” says Reilly. “And of the nine likes it got, one of them is from Mike himself, so I’ve got to deduce that he was just kind of figuring out how to work Instagram at the time and then maybe got bored and stopped using it.”


Though it has been over a month since Mike’s tractor chronicles, speculation still runs rampant with what Mike will follow it up with.


“A blurry sunset? A picture of a field? A video of his nephew playing with trucks?” wonders Reilly. “The opportunities are endless, except for they’re not and he’ll probably just post another photo of that tractor.”