Instagram Adds New ‘Begrudging Like’ Option

After high demand, Instagram recently released a new feature which allows users to begrudgingly like the successes of their friends and acquaintances, no matter how reluctant they are to do so.


“Whether that person wrote a self-congratulatory comment that really left a bad taste in your mouth or was just kind of a bitch to you one time,” says product manager Stephanie Griggs. “The new option allows you to show your support because you know you just fucking have to.”


Early adopters are excited about the new feature, which automatically likes a photo when you hover over it for five seconds, scrutinizing the photo or comment for various petty reasons.


“Now I don’t even hesitate on whether to like a post about my friend Gina’s engagement, even though we were all like, what? That guy?” says Instagram user Reina Estrada. “The ‘begrudging like’ lets me show support without having to think too hard about why I’m doing it.”



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was equally enthused about the new like option.


“We want people to be able to interact with all of the things, whether those things are meaningful to them or not,” said Zuckerberg. “We could really care less whether you like your friend’s new haircut or not, as long as you’re on our platform. That’s how we make the most money.”