Instagram Releases New Series of ‘Brunch’ Filters

Instagram Brunch Filter

Instagram is giving its users a fun, tasty way to get a late start to their day by adding a “Brunch” filter collection to the popular photo-sharing app. The late morning meal collection comes with five filters that promise to enhance even the dullest breakfast:


Omelet1. Omelait

Technique: Slight exposure, yellow tint.
Effect: Adds a fluffy, golden glow, which paints the ham, cheese, avocado, and eggs in a softer, more forgiving light.





Cinnamon Roll




2. Cinna

Technique: Vignette edges, high contrast.
Effect: Adds a high-calorie, high-contrast pop of sweetness, while the vignette edges makes it unclear whether or not you ate the entire thing by yourself.





3. Chilaquiles

Technique: High saturation, warm temperature.

Effect: Chilaquiles instantly adds rich, exotic colors, strong shadows and a deep respect for tortilla chips served with breakfast.







Mimosas4. Bottomless

Technique: Dodged center, cool tint.
Effect: This filter infuses a cloudy, artsy quality to a photo that says you totally got your money’s worth on mimosas.








dim sum

5. DimSomme

Technique: Burned edges, sepia tint.
Effect: DimSomme evokes a time when you could eat like a king for only $5.