Detective Baffled by Unmarried Murder Victim’s Stash of Bridal Magazines

Police investigating a recent murder discovered a perplexing cache of evidence in the victim’s home: While collecting evidence on the scene, police discovered a large collection of bridal magazines in the home of the unmarried victim.


“It just doesn’t add up,” says lead investigator Detective Bradley Townsend. “Why would a single woman in her late thirties have a dozen issues of Bride This N’ That? She wasn’t even engaged.”


Stacy Taylor, a 39-year-old single woman was found decapitated Tuesday in her home. The glossy evidence was discovered early yesterday morning in a magazine rack next to the bathtub, and in a large trunk in the basement of the home.


“Here’s a woman who’s not even dating anyone, yet she had this month’s issues of Brides Magazine,” said Detective Townsend, “Maybe the murderer had her helping to plan their wedding? It’s like an episode of CSI.”


When some detectives posited that the magazines had been planted, forensic evidence showed that Taylor’s fingerprints were found on all of the magazines, including the special inserts. Records show that Taylor had bridal magazines dating back to September of 2002.



“I don’t know why she would have those things in her home,” says Terri Taylor, the victim’s mother. “We wanted her to get married so badly, but she wasn’t even dating anybody. Why the magazines? I don’t even know who my daughter is now.”


“She must have known what she was doing. Bridal magazines aren’t the type of thing that just happens,” said Detective Townsend flipping through the editorial spread of Bride Magazine from March 2012. “She got herself in really deep.”


“My sister has always been private, but this is insane,” says sister Kathy Taylor-Wiese. “She didn’t even try to catch the bouquet at my wedding.”


Since the discovery of the magazines, authorities have ramped up the examination of the body and the murder scene. A precious metals scan of Taylor’s hands revealed no evidence of an engagement ring ever being present on Taylor’s left ring finger. A study of her computer revealed a Facebook relationship status of “single.” Officials still remain baffled as to the particular cause of her death.


Detectives remain hopeful that the bridal magazines will reveal something that leads to Stacy’s murderer.


“We do have a list of suspects,” says Detective Townsend, holding up an advertisement of a woman in a white dress, that had been circled, ostensibly by the victim. “If you see this woman, call 911.”