The Perfect Instagram Filters for Screenshots of Private Messages

Whether it be to show off how funny you are in text, to get someone else’s opinion on if he likes you, or just to fuck with the trust levels in your interpersonal relationships, you want to make your screenshots of private messages look beautiful. Here are a few starting points to get your screenshot game on point.



Funny Texts: Lo-Fi      

You may be thinking, “Nothing could make this text exchange where I make a joke about dog balls more hilarious.” But remember, there’s nothing more conducive to humor than the Instagram filter Lo-Fi. Like, is it serious with those rich colors?? LOL! This high-contrast, high-hilarity filter will really get those double-taps rolling in on a message Jeanie would have preferred no one knew she LOL’d at.



Texts About Brunch: Rise or Earlybird

Much like breakfast or lunch foods can work for brunch itself, texts about brunch look good in either Rise or Earlybird. Both of these refreshing filters achieve that perfect relaxed Sunday morning vibe. So before you head out to brunch in your Sunday day-drunk best, make sure the all your Insta followers know the plan with Rise OR Earlybird.



Sexts: Amaro

Be honest: You’re probably working with Mayfair for steamy texts right now, but you’re very seriously trippin’. After years of trial and error, iPhone analysts have found that Amaro is without a doubt the Insta filter most suitable to the largest swath of filthy, sexually charged messages with that guy who might sort of have a girlfriend. Slap on this filter, and people will appreciate your thoughtfulness!




First Texts: Mayfair

Now here is where Mayfair comes into play. This is the perfect filter for those initial texts between friends, right at the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You’ll remember that awkward exchange of numbers forever with the elegance of Mayfair.



Private Texts About Loved Ones Dying: Willow

When screenshotting a more somber message chain to share with your followers, it’s important to show that you understand the gravity of the situation. The melancholy of the softest black-and-white filter, Willow, achieves this effect beautifully. And hey, please accept our condolences.



Texts From Amorous Senators: Walden          

Pay homage to the American Romantic Period with the last filter in the list, Walden. For anything from an “I’m single because…” gram to a sweet exchange between you and your Capitol Hill bae, Walden is always the most appropriate for any potentially career-ending screenshot. That’s right: You’re guaranteed to ruin your boo’s White House chances with a Walden gram.


There you have it: the toolkit for all your private text-sharing needs. Have fun out there! Remember: People may hate to read, but if you make your words pretty enough, you might get 20 likes.