I LIVED IT: I Finally Got Around to Texting Someone Back and They Responded Immediately

It happened – today, after almost a week of procrastinating, I finally mustered up enough energy to respond to a text from a dear friend – only for them to respond within seconds.


In other words: the worst-case scenario.


I’m not saying that I’m mad at my friend for their responsiveness, I’m just saying that I wish they would realize how their actions impact other people.



It’s just like, yeah, we all have our own things going on, we all have our own lives to live, but a little courtesy would be nice? I spent days agonizing over that little red text notification on my Messages icon, and not even a minute after I texted them back and relieved myself from that torment did my friend hit me with a thoughtful, well-crafted response, and slap another line back on my to-do list.


That’s so annoying, is it not? Like, I’m definitely in the right here?


I mean, I waited multiple days before even reading their text, like an adult. I guess I just would’ve appreciated the same courtesy extended to me: a long period of prolonged silence, permeated only by vague reactions to my Instagram story, and literally no other form of communication. What I didn’t expect was the immature, presumptuous, and honestly rude way my friend went about handling things (texting me back immediately and warm heartedly).


You know how some people can make you feel unseen and unheard? Yeah, that wasn’t the case here. My friend’s swift punctuality made me feel seen – uncomfortably so. I felt heard, yes, but, like, in the way that a deer feels heard when they accidentally step on a stick while trying to elude the mountain lion that’s stalking them. All eyes on me, baby! But in a bad, predator-closing-in type of way.


At the end of the day, I suppose I’m grateful to have people in my life who care enough about me to respond to my texts at all, let alone within the same goddamn millisecond that I hit send on my text to them. And, ultimately, it could’ve been worse. They could’ve double-texted me or, God forbid, graciously let me know that they love and value me as a friend regardless of my response time. So, I guess I’m safe on that front – at least until I check my 20 other unread messages. But I’ll save that for another day!