‘You Take Too Many Selfies,’ Complains Friend Whose Boyfriend Is Constantly Photographing Her

Earlier today Ashley Wagan told her friend Tina that she “takes too many selfies,” seemingly oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend takes pictures of her doing literally everything so she can put it on Instagram.


“I mean, sure I take a lot of selfies,” Tina responded in an official statement. “But how is that worse than forcing your boyfriend to take 38 shots of you standing in front of a fountain?”


Wagan admits that her Instagram is almost entirely photos of herself that are presented in essentially the same manner as selfies, aside from the fact that she wasn’t technically holding the camera.



“It’s not that I think you’re self-absorbed,” Wagan explained. “It’s just that posting that many selfies definitely comes across as super self-absorbed.”


Wagan has posted 57 allegedly candid pictures of herself on social media in the past month alone.


This is not the first time Wagan has been on record criticizing Tina’s social media game, which by the way is on point. That she doesn’t see the hypocrisy in making her boyfriend take over a hundred shots of her in front of a wall that is a color is baffling to many in their social circle.


It is unclear at this point whether Wagan will ever come down off her high horse or if she has to get the angle just right so she can post a picture of herself on a horse.