‘I Love to Party,’ Says Friend Who Ruins Every Party

Juliette Barns is known to herself as the life of the party. But to everyone else she’s known as the person who ruins every party.


Whether it’s birthday drinks or an engagement brunch, Barns is known to show up wrecked enough to derail the festivities within hours. Whether it’s by telling your boyfriend all about your ex, telling Jen you said something about her six years ago, breaking a host’s cherished possession, or just vomiting everywhere – Juliette is the go-to party gal.


“I love to party!” Juliette once yelled before jumping off a bar top onto the birthday girl who then spent the night in the emergency room with a broken foot.



Another party that Juliette still remembers fondly is the one where she clogged a host’s toilet with the vodka soaked tampons that she attempted to pass out to guests, but that were roundly declined.


When one friend graduated from grad school, Juliette showed up with a bunch of penis-themed bridal shower gag gifts. Patrons at the country club were not amused. Photos of the event, including those of the kiddie table, are now ruined.


“I guess some people just don’t like to have fun,” says Juliette when questioned about the effects of her behavior. “But I like to make sure people have a good time. No matter what.”