Friend Who Owes You Email Constantly Available On GChat

Earlier today, 24-year-old Kelsey Powell was available on GChat yet again, despite owing several friends a response to their emails from over a week ago.


“She’s constantly available on GChat,” says Argerie Villalobos, the friend in question. “So I can see without a doubt that she’s currently online, logged into her Gmail account and has definitely read my email.”


Powell insists that she feels minimal guilt regarding her decision to ignore Villalobos’ email, despite being available on GChat throughout 100% of every day.


“It was an email asking if I could introduce her to my boss because she wanted to network with her,” says Powell, using her iPhone to quickly answer some GChat messages through the app. “I read her email as soon as I got it and then moved on with my life, because who has time to answer stuff like that?”


“Maybe a friend would have the time,” says Villalobos.



Indeed, at the time of the interview Powell was undeniably accessible online, and answering several emails from her boss.


“Well, I have to answer those,” says Powell. “I’d get fired if I didn’t. Duh!”


The distinction did not appear to soothe Villalobos, who still expressed frustration over Powell’s inability to even believably pretend she hadn’t seen the email.


“It’s not that she hasn’t answered me, although that sucks,” says Villalobos. “It’s that I can see her roaming around online at all times, so I know she’s making the decision every single day not to respond to me. Seriously, what the hell!”


At the conclusion of the interview, Powell could be seen opening up all of her Facebook messages and not responding to those either despite the read receipts being on, like some kind of psycho.