Meet the Woman Whose Polite Rebuff Inspired a Wildly Successful Hate-Blog Against Women

Behind her unassuming and polite disposition, 27-year-old Ellen Hayes has the power to inspire men to create the hate blogs of their woman-hating dreams. When Hayes said, “Oh thanks, but I’m not interested” after a man offered her a drink at a bar, she had no idea she would be the inspiration for the wildly popular hate blog, “Emperors of Poon.”


The blog’s creator, who now goes by the moniker Dune Slasher, went home and immediately created his MRA-inspired hate blog detailing the ways women like Hayes have been overly empowered by “slut culture” and “our feminazi fueled, dick disfiguring society.”


Hayes, a life coach and smoking cessation counselor, had no idea that declining a drink offer would lead to so much attention.



“I mean, if a pretty common, polite rebuff caused this level of outrage, I’m just assuming this man has never been in a relationship or faced any kind of real suffering in his life? Just a guess.”


An early post on the EOP blog, “19 Ways to Trap Twat Without Cucking it Up,” skyrocketed Slasher to fame when it was shared in the Red Pill subforum of Reddit. The behaviors outlined in the post have a very low success rate in real life, but the blog has nonetheless garnered the author millions of unique views per month and a book deal with Random House.


“I feel like I deserve some kind of compensation, or at least credit,” says Hayes. “But instead I just got doxxed, harassed, and sent a few death threats.”


The upcoming book The Art of Poon Trap already has 500 preorders, and the book Jacket bio explains that Slasher is motivated by the “many women who no longer understand their place in our society and their need to be subdued. A world in which women bow to men is one in which we will all be happier.”


On the night where Hayes turned down Slasher, she says he “…was not in any way my type” and “actually came across pretty creepy.” Now that’s she’s learned more about his booming success in the woman-hating blogosphere, she states: “I’d say I dodged a bullet, but I still had to request a restraining order, so I guess this was really a lose-lose situation.”