Woman Becomes Mommy to Legitimize Blog

After months of stagnant page views, lifestyle blogger Layla Kauffman decided the only way to increase traffic to her site was to get pregnant and write about the joys and miseries of being a mom.

Kauffman’s original blog, GetItGurl.com, was a sassy romp through single life in New York City. It was well-trodden territory, but Kauffman put a unique spin on well-worn topics such as relationships, hair and nightlife. As Kauffman got older, she realized young girls didn’t want romantic advice from a “single, thirty-year-old who still lives with roommates,” as one commenter put it. So, she went to the sperm bank, got a donor, conceived and entered the profitable world of mommy blogging.



“It was a struggle at first,” Kauffman admitted as she pumped milk from her breasts in a crowded Brooklyn coffee shop. “The category is very competitive and I was still finding my Mommy voice.” Now, eight months after giving birth to baby Percival, Kauffman has changed her blog’s name to GotItGurl.com and landed her first advertising deal with Chariots of Beige, a local company that specializes in discreet strollers.

In their new studio apartment in Crown Heights, Kauffman beams as Percival sleeps in his new Murphy crib that she blogged about last month. “Not only has Percy made me a more calm, compassionate woman, he’s shown me what it really means to have an optimized click-through rate.”