Woman’s Style Blog Just Pictures of What She Wears to Work

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“I’ve always worn clothes,” said Jenna, “but one day I decided to take pictures of them. That’s what changed everything.”
Pants, shirts, and sometimes even dresses adorn the pages of Jenna’s style blog, ClothesIWear.com, which is merely a series of selfies taken every morning in her bathroom mirror before she goes to work. “A good day for me is when a picture of my pants gets a lot of likes,” she explained as she checked her phone. Jenna had no new notifications, so she took a picture of her shoes.

“It’s all about creating!” Jenna exclaimed.
Jenna’s other tips for aspiring fashionistas? “Use filters. Wear clothes. Have a long mirror.”
Jenna can’t predict all that’s in store for her and her fashion career, but her plans for the future are to “buy more stuff” and “maybe get a new iPhone when the next one comes out.”