Woman Continues to Microwave Fish at Work

After microwaving fish in the company breakroom for the fourth day in a row, employee Darcy Stutsman has caused the entire office to wonder where the fishy smell is emanating from.


“I’ve been pescatarian since two Tuesdays ago,” said Darcy, “And I just learned this weekend that I like fish. Which is good since I’m a pescatarian.”


Each day for the past week, the fish odor from Darcy’s reheated lunch has permeated through the office and lasted all afternoon. An attempt to alert Darcy of the situation happened when lead accountant Karl Anders said, “Whoa, it really smells like fish in here,” within earshot of Darcy’s cubicle, yet her microwaving continued.


“It’s so much cheaper to bring a lunch to work when you are a pescatarian. Plus, you’re getting all those Omega-3s,” said Darcy, eating alone in the breakroom. “Life is better as a pescatarian.”



Late Tuesday afternoon, a sign appeared on the wall above the microwave. “Something had to be done, so we made a sign,” said Nora Michaels, receptionist. “It says, ‘Please do not microwave fish in the microwave.’”


Even with the sign displayed above the microwave, Darcy has continued her daily fish microwaving. A number of employees have had to leave the premises because of the smell, including a client who had only reached the reception desk before asking, “Is it me, or is someone cooking fish in here?”


Darcy remains unaffected by the backlash her new diet has caused. “I’m a pescatarian so the only meats I eat is fish, shellfish and turkey. Oh, and my mom’s meatloaf, but my mom lives two hours away,” said Darcy, “So, there aren’t a lot of choices out there for a pescatarian like me.”


Co-workers have reported that equally frustrating is Darcy’s overuse of the word “pescatarian,” and are encouraging her to look into eating foods that are not fish.