Woman Mostly Uses Bikini Body for Bicycling to Work

bikini body - reductress

While Katy Rockwell considers exercise part of her daily life, she has no plans to reap the rewards of intense physical training by showing off her bikini body. “I’m just more comfortable in a one-piece anyway,” says Rockwell, rubbing suntan lotion on her taut, muscular thighs. “But it’s really easy for me to ride my bike over the bridge.”


Rockwell is just happy to have gotten “almost two minutes” faster at biking to work over the course of the past few months. “But I try not to keep track,” she says, “I just enjoy being outside.”



“We’ve been dating for nine months. The hottest text I’ve gotten from her was doing volunteer work,” laments her boyfriend, Dustin. She has no plans to visit the beach this summer and instead asked Dustin to shave her head before she backpacks across India.


He adds, “Sometimes, it’s like I don’t even have a hot girlfriend.”


“I would be rocking that body pretty hard if I had it,” notes one coworker. “But she doesn’t even talk about what she does to get that kind of muscle tone, let alone bare her midriff. It’s like she doesn’t realize what she has achieved.”